Discover the Structure of Your Mind & Your Destiny


Puzzle of Human Nature

Pieces of the Puzzle….

Knowing who you really are—deeply and directly—and being able to access that authentic self, is the key to true fulfillment, happiness, success, accomplishment and making a difference. Many systems of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality have come and gone, promising much. The fragments of great knowledge from past ages speak to us in riddles. Some have built gigantic schemes based on a few pieces of the giant puzzle, and though these may have helped, we are still left in the dark…


…or the Whole Picture

elementhand But what if we had the roadmap, the template of the human mind, heart and soul? What if we could understand where all the pieces fit, with an accurate guidebook, the “missing manual” of human nature. What if we had the key to understanding what makes us tic, and what goes wrong, and how to fix it? What if we knew EXACTLY what fear is, what despair is, what our inner powers and strengths are, what good and evil really are, what “self-confidence” actually is. And what if you could not be fooled by anyone and knew exactly who was a charlatan, who a manipulator, and who a liar?  What if we  knew about the different kinds of love, and happiness and what whole men and whole women really were like?


Knowledge is Power

What kind of change could that make for you, for those you care about, and for the larger world? What would that mean for your relationships, career, personal power, insight, and ability to really find meaning and happiness?

  1. Know what really makes yourself and other people tic.
  2. Understand what goes wrong and why we can’t be our best self.
  3. Have a clear map of how to fix what is wrong in a step-by-step way.

After 40 years of personal research and discovery, of melding ancient and new, we can present that accurate roadmap of the human condition, the picture in which the puzzle pieces fit. This is called The Human Code….


The Human Code

Each of the 10 Codes stands on its own, as a practical truth about our human nature. But they also build on each other; The first three modules are fundamental, and  can revolutionize our inner world and how we work with others. Click on any of the number or icons below to explore these truths further.

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